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  • ROUND 9

    Hydra Operations Group secured a minor victory over the 7th Ariadnan Expeditionary Force. Carlos Danger earned 3 experience. Persephone earned 7 experience. Hydra Operations Group consolidated into 2 new territories. The 7th Ariadnan Expeditionary …

  • Round 10- Finale

    The Logan clan secured a Minor Victory over MagnaOrba Corporation. 7th Ariadnan Expeditionary Force secured a Minor Victory over Hydra Operations Group. Logan Clan finishes the campaign with the most Victory Points!

  • Home Page

    h1. Welcome to Paradiso The campaign has ended, and in a bloody and tense final battle Robert Logan has once again proved victorious and demonstrated that he has the devil's own luck. Free once again to spread his organizations beliefs, Robert Logan is …

  • Carlos Danger

    Carlos Danger Thomason is a USAriadnan bounty hunter. His family named him after a famous politician of the 21st century United States. Carlos Danger has joined the 7th ACEF on their request. The 7th ACEF found the assistance of the Mannerheim brothers …