7th Ariadnan Combined Expeditionary Force

Rank 1, 36 Victory Points


The 7th Ariadna Combined Expeditionary force is a component of the regular Ariadnan Army dispatched to the region in an attempt to eliminate a rumored AriaDNA terrorist cell, and in so doing obtain a foothold in the region. The 7th ACEF is composed predominantly of ethnic Russian Ariadnans from Rodina, though a sizable Caledonian contingent and smaller forces from Merovingia and USAriadna are also present. The force is commanded by acting Colonel Yevgenniy Broslav who is often grateful for the aid of Rodinan adventurer-slash-bounty hunter Ivan Mannerheim.

P1- Cathedral of Saint Camillus- Level 1
I2- Civilian Resistance Base- Level 0


7th Ariadnan Combined Expeditionary Force

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