Logan Clan

Rank 2, 34 Victory Points


The Logan Clan are a band of renegade warriors from the Caledonian province of Ariadna. These proud and brutal fighters were exiled from their homeworld of Dawn for acts of violence committed against representatives of O-12 and the nations of PanOceania and Yu-Jing. Hunted by the security forces of O-12 and Aleph, as well as the military of their own homeland, the Logans have been forced to travel from world to world as nomadic mercenaries. Despite their unfortunate circumstances the Logans have adhered to their belief in winning independence for the nation that shunned them. The Logans participate in direct action attacks throughout the Human Sphere, assassinating diplomats and military officers from other nations.

P2- MayaNet Broadcast Tower- Level 2
SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital- Level 1
I2- Civilian Resistance Base- Level 0

0 Unspent Army Experience


The head of the Logan Clan, Robert Logan, is a ferocious fighter and charismatic leader. Robert has close ties to the AriaDNA terrorist organization, who compensate the Logans very well for their violent acts. The Logan Clan has evolved into a mercenary company throughout their years of hardship. All of the members of the family are expected to be able to fight and fill a variety of combat roles. The elite members of the Clan are former professional soldiers from the Grey Rifles, Scot Guards, and SAS of the Aridnan military. The Clan also has a large group of Dog Faces and Wulvers thanks to generations of openly accepting these mutations into their family.

Recently the Logan Clan was responsible for bringing about an alliance between the Tohaa and the Human Sphere during the events of the Paradiso Crisis. However, the Logan’s used the trust they had built to gain access to sensitive information. The Logan’s now travel to Ravensbrucke to dig up intelligence and technology to use in their fight against the Human Sphere oppressors. To aid them in their new operation a fresh Intel Agent, Malcolm Logan, has arrived from Caledonia to join them.

Logan Clan

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