Hydra Operations Group

Rank 1, 36 Victory Points


The Hydra Operations Group is a hardened assault force with years of experience defending the Human Sphere at ALEPH’s direction. They have been on Paradiso for months already taking the fight to the Combined, while carefully intervening against each of the human nations to maintain a fragile peace.

I1- PanO Satellite Control Station- Level 0
MR2- Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad- Level 2


With the arrival of Achilles and the other heroes of ALEPH on Paradiso they have become the tip of the spear against humanity’s enemies. Their motto “Where one falls two shall rise,” has taken on new meaning as they willingly spend their lives to protect Achilles and Ajax in battle. The Operations Group is made up largely of Myrmidon warriors, accompanied by Thorakitai corp of engineer specialists and Agema marksmen.

With the addition of new heroes, like Machaon and Atalanta, Achilles has deployed into Ravensbrucke to act as a peace-keeping force on behalf of O-12. From here he will also be able to launch a crusade of vengeance against the Combined army, as well as achieve whatever secret agenda ALEPH may have in the area.

Hydra Operations Group

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