There are three types of territory on the battle map: empty territory, assets, and headquarters. Empty territory serves no real purpose other than allowing a player to expand their area of influence over the map, and act as a buffer area around more important territory.

Asset territory on the other hand is much more valuable: it provides the owner with access to an Army Specialty, and can be developed by spending Army Experience to improve an army’s specialties. However, asset territory is difficult to manage. An army can only gain the Army Specialty benefits from a limited number of territories, determined by the rank of the army leader.

Finally, headquarters territory is a players main base of operations. Each headquarters territory is designed by the player who owns it, who can choose what type of terrain it represents. Headquarters territory can be attacked, but it can never be taken away from the player that owns it.

Land Grab

At the beginning of the campaign each player selects a point on the map to establish their Headquarters. A Headquarters can be placed anywhere on the map, but cannot be adjacent to another Headquarters or to an Asset. Players take turns placing their Headquarters in a random order determined by the campaign organizer.

After placing their Headquarters, the players select their starting territory. Each player gets 7 starting territories, that can either be empty or assets. Each of these territories must be adjacent to the player’s headquarters, or to another territory owned by the player. Players choose their territories one at a time, starting in the opposite order that they selected their Headquarters.


The cautious land grab strategy is to create a ring of empty territories around a central asset territory. When the campaign starts this asset will be protected by a ring of buffer territories.

An aggressive opening strategy would be to stretch out a long line of territories in order to try and start the game by grabbing multiple assets. This will give an army an early advantage, but their assets will be exposed to attack right from the start.

A player can control as many assets at a time as they want, but the number of them that they can use at one time is limited by their rank. A rank-0 player can only utilize one asset, plus one additional asset each time they go up a rank.

Assets provide access to the army specialty listed in their description. Each asset automatically provides the first level of a specialty, but the asset needs to be developed in order to provide higher levels of a specialty. This is done by spending army experience points to increase the asset’s level, the same way that experience is normally spent in the Campaign: Paradiso book in order to improve an army specialty.

When an asset changes hands from one player to another it is automatically reset to level 1, and the new owner must start developing it all over.

If a player gains more than one asset of the same type then they will benefit from the next level of the associated army specialty without having to spend any extra experience to develop the asset.

New Players Joining

New players can join the campaign at the beginning of any campaign round. New players select up to 7 adjacent unclaimed territories, and can then begin playing immediately.


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