Spec ops
Every Army must have a Spec-Ops character. This hero must also participate in every battle that a player fights in, except for when the player is fighting in NPC mode.

A player can spend experience to improve his Spec-Ops hero, buying him new gear and skills. However, a Spec-Ops character can also die, at which point any experience that was spent on him is lost and the player must start with a new Spec-Ops.

Creating a Spec-Ops

A Spec-Ops character starts as a basic troop from the army he belongs to. The options for a Spec-Ops character are limited to those available in the Campaign: Paradiso book.

Regardless of which troop profile is selected, a Spec-Ops must use the most basic available profile equipped with a Rifle or Combi Rifle.


In addition, any Human army can choose to use an Authorized Bounty Hunter as their Spec-Ops. The stats for authorized bounty hunters can be found below. Even Sectorial armies can take an Authorized Bounty Hunter as a Spec-Ops. However, Only generic Human armies can take additional non-Spec-Ops Bounty Hunters in their army, as described in the ABH profile below.

A Bounty Hunter Spec-Ops can be created using either profile listed. In addition, a Bounty Hunter’s Booty is not rolled randomly, and does not change between battles if he is a Spec-Ops. For example, a Spec-Ops Bounty Hunter can choose to start with ARM +3, and he will keep this equipment from one battle to another.

If a Bounty Hunter uses the Booty skill to trade his gear in the middle of battle, then he keeps the new equipment instead. For example, if he trades his Booty for a Combined Plasma Rifle he would keep it, even after the end of the battle, until he decides to trade it for something else.

Bounty hunter

Alien Threat

Although the Tohaa and the Combined cannot use Authorized Bounty Hunters like Humans can, they do have an equivalent option for their Spec-Ops. By increasing the cost of their Spec-Ops model by 2 points an Alien Spec-Ops will gain the Booty L1 skill. This represents special training in guerilla warfare as well as training in how to make due with Human equipment when superior alien gear is unavailable. However, an Alien Spec-Ops with this skill is trained to work alone behind enemy lines, and loses the ability to form link teams if he had the ability to do so.

An Alien Spec-Ops with the Booty skill works the same way as a Human Authorized Bounty Hunter. The player can choose any item from the Booty L1 list to give to their Spec-Ops, and the Spec-Ops will continue to keep that item from one battle to the next until they die or they choose to exchange it for a new piece of gear.

Death of a Hero

Spec-Ops who are injured in battle have a chance of surviving. However, if a Spec-Ops dies he will be lost forever.

If a Spec-Ops is unconscious at the end of a battle you can make a MedEvac roll to recover him. This is a single roll of a d20, and must be equal to or lower than the target numbers on the chart below. As indicated by the chart, the presence of a Doctor or a Paramedic makes this roll easier.


If the Spec-Ops was killed during the game, or if he died as a result of a failed MedEvac roll, he can still be resurrected in a fresh clone body if he has a cube. To attempt a CubEvac, make a roll on the appropriate chart below.

Cub evac 1

Cub evac 2

Spec-Ops Improvement

Players can spend Experience Points that they earn on improving their Spec-Ops characters and buying new equipment for them.

Many abilities have multiple levels. If this is the case then all previous levels of a skill must be purchased before later levels can be gained. If there are no previous levels of a Skill or Attribute listed, then an upgrade can be made without purchasing any previous levels. New levels of skills replace previous levels instead of taking up additional skill slots. A Spec-Ops can only gain 3 new Skills and 3 new pieces of Equipment.



Spec-Ops can purchase new weapons with experience as well, but a Spec-Ops can only buy 3 new weapons, and can only buy weapons from their native faction.

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