Setting up Scenarios

The scenario played by the challengers is determined by the type of territories they are attempting to capture. Use the chart below to determine which scenario should be played.
In addition to determining the scenario to be used this table will also determine the type of battle that will take place. There are three different types of battle, each of which grants a special bonus to the players.


The terrain used in a scenario should be determined by the type of ground that the defender’s territory sits on. Depending on the terrain available, player can set up tables any way they like.


After every battle a player tallies up the objective points he earned during the scenario that was played.

When the battle is over the first thing the player does is cash in their Objective points. A player earns 1 Victory Point and 1 Experience Point for each Objective Point. Therefore, if a player earned 6 Objective Points during a battle then he would cash them in for 6 Victory Points and 6 Experience Points after the battle is over.

Experience Points are broken down further. A player can split the experience points he earns any way he wants into two separate pools: Army Experience and Spec-Ops Experience. Therefore, if a player cashed in his Objective Points and earned 6 Experience after a battle he could split these into 3 Army Experience and 3 Spec-Ops Experience, or he could split them 5 and 1, or 6 and 0, or any other combination that adds up to 6 that he chooses.

Army Experience Points are spent on Asset Territory upgrades, while Spec-Ops experience points are spent to upgrade the skills and equipment of your army’s Spec-Ops character.
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Setting up Scenarios

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