Scenario List

After challenging an opponent it’s time to fight! Players can choose to play any scenario that they agree to, but the scenarios listed previously in the ‘Scenarios’ section are the recommended battles for each type of challenge. These scenarios have been taken from the official I.C.S., I.T.S., and Infinity Website. Some scenarios have been modified slightly to rebalance them for this campaign.

Series-0 I.T.S. Scenarios

001-Supply Run
Grab the valuables before the enemy.
Push forward to capture territory.
003-Emergency Transmission
Take control of a communications system.
004-Seize the Beacons
Take control of computer terminals.
All out warfare. Kill ‘em all.

Series-1 I.C.S. Chapter 1

101-Data Recovery
Activate Communication Beacons
102-Activation and Triangulation
Activate beacons in sequence and track the signal.
103-Central Seizure
Occupy a security control room.

Series-2 I.C.S. Chapter 2

201-Jungle Ambush
Attempt to raid an enemy caravan.
202-Hidden Witness
Hack into a neutral communications hub.
Try to evacuate an engineer onto a dropship.
Fake a radio signal to ambush an enemy dropship.
205-Emergency Station
Take control of an enemy supply train.

Series-3 I.C.S. Chapter 3

301-Countdown Run
Evacuate a station before it’s destroyed.
302-Rescue and MedEvac
Search and rescue crashed escape pods.
303-Depature at Noon
Get an allied diplomat into a rescue shuttle.

Series-4 I.C.S. Chapter 4

401-Breaking and Entering
Break into an alien stronghold.
402-Contaminated Area
Infiltrate infected troops through a dangerous lab.
Defend a platform while the building collapses.

Series-X Infinity Website Scenarios

Assault a heavily defended beach.
X02-Lost Post
Recover intel from an abandoned outpost.
X03-Prisoner P-09
Rescue a soldier from enemy imprisonment.

Scenario List

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