Each round of the campaign a player can issue as many or as few challenges as he wants. There is no penalty for not showing up to play during a particular round, but there will be some drawbacks to challenging too many opponents at once.

At the beginning of each campaign round every player automatically earns 1 Experience point that can be used as either an Army Experience point or as a Spec-Ops Experience point. After getting their free Experience point, players can begin issuing challenges.

Absent Player

Players who do not show up to play on any night during a campaign round will not be penalized. They can still come back to the campaign at any time and jump back in.

As long as the player sends out an email or blog post to the rest of the players, or to the campaign organizer, to let them know that he will be absent he will still gain the free Experience Point at the beginning of the campaign round.

However, If a player misses a campaign round and does not tell the campaign organizers that he will not be there, then his army does not get the free experience for the game round.
If a player does not participate in any battles during a campaign round then they cannot consolidate or gain new territory at the end of the campaign round.

Issuing Challenges

A player can issue a challenge to any other opponent that he wishes, as long as both of them show up on a campaign night. In addition, players can make arrangements to play a game any time they want, as long as they report the results of their battle to the campaign organizers before the beginning of the next campaign round.

After a challenge has been issued, and accepted, the two players each select a piece of territory that belongs to their enemy. This can be any territory they want, as long as at least one of the territory’s edges touches a neutral territory or one of their own territories. If a territory is completely surrounded by land controlled by other players or by the territory’s owner, then it is immune to attack.


If a player fights in more than two battles during a campaign round his army will begin to suffer from attrition. For each battle past the second one a player loses 10 army points from whatever army list he uses. These is no other penalty for issuing challenges, so a player can play as many games as he wants, as long as they are willing to accept the risk.

NPC Mode

If a player wants to play a lot of campaign games in a week, but wants to avoid the attrition penalties, he can choose to play in NPC mode.
While in NPC mode a player cannot use their Spec-Ops model, and they cannot cash in Objective points for Experience (although they will still earn Victory points). While in NPC mode the player has no risk of losing their Spec-Ops, and the battle does not count towards their attrition penalty.

Campaign Recording

Throughout the campaign, the campaign organizers will maintain a public campaign record online that will track everyone’s experience, victory points, and territory.
At any time players will be able to see the stats of other player’s Spec-Ops, Army Specialties, and Territories.


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