Battle Outcomes

At the end of each battle and campaign round the players determine what outcomes and rewards they earned while fighting.


At the end of each battle players must determine the change in ownership of their territories.

If the winning player achieves a minor victory then the loser’s territory becomes neutral. A minor victory occurs when the winner completes at least one Primary Objective and has more objective points than the opponent, or forces the opponent to retreat.

If the winning player achieves a major victory then the winner takes ownership of the loser’s territory. In order to achieve a major victory the winner must complete all Primary Objectives or force the opponent to retreat, AND they must also have at least 3 times more objective points than their opponent.

If both players score less than 3 victory points and neither side retreated, or if both players earn an equal number of victory points, then the battle is considered a draw and no territory changes hands.


Promotions work the same way in this campaign as they do in the Campaign: Paradiso book. All armies start out at Rank 0, and then rank up by making promotion rolls after each battle. Winning a battle grants +3 to the roll, and certain types of battles can grant bonuses to this roll as well.

Instead of determining the number of army specialties that a player has access to, the player’s rank determines how many asset territories they can benefit from at once. This does not limit the number of assets a player can control, but any assets gained after an army hits their limit provide no additional benefits.

In this campaign there are also additional ranks. Instead of gaining access to all assets when they reach rank 4, an army must continue gaining promotions up to rank 6 before they can access every type of asset.


As stated above, the Objective points that an army earns during a battle are converted into experience points (except for Objective points from NPC mode). Following the rules from the Campaign: Paradiso book, experience points can be spent on both army specialties and on purchasing more skills and equipment for their Spec-Ops.

The one difference in this campaign is that army specialties are improved by upgrading assets with Army Experience points instead of using the normal army specialty system.

Expanding Territory

The final step of each campaign round involves recovering and expanding territory. Each player rolls a d20 and adds +1 for each territory that they lost during the campaign round. Consult the chart below to determine how much territory a player gains. If a player did not participate in any games during a campaign round then they cannot gain new territory.

D20+Territory Lost Territory gained
1-3 1 Territory
4-12 2 Territories
13-19 3 Territories
20+ 4 Territories

A player can choose whatever territories they want to expand into, as long as they are neutral and adjacent to another territory owned by the player. This is the only way to gain new neutral assets.

Winning the Campaign

The campaign ends when one player controls one or more of every type of asset territory, in addition to their Headquarters.

Battle Outcomes

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