Tag: Support Forces


  • SF1- Secure Emergency Bunker

    _One of the many tragedies of the Paradiso conflict was that the mountains of wealth invested in protecting civilians was meaningless in the face of the aliens' determined and merciless onslaught._ -Go Go Marlene

  • SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital

    _As they invaded the Combined even attacked civilian medical resources like this hospital, ending hundreds of innocent lives and thousands of Cubes before they could evacuate. One needs only to look at the shattered statue of St. Augustine to realize the …

  • SF3- PanOceania Ravensbrucke Armory and Depot

    _Nestled deep within the borders of PanO territory, the people of Ravensbrucke never thought that their peaceful lives might be disturbed by war. As a precaution, the PanO Paradiso Control Force established a fuel and weapons depot here to be used by …