SF3- PanOceania Ravensbrucke Armory and Depot


The Paradiso Control Force established this depot as an emergency supply station in case of a major disaster. During the Combined invasion the depot was targeted as a secondary objective by plasma artillery. The attack damaged the building and collapsed part of the structure, but left part of the building unscathed.

By taking control of this asset an army will gain access to fuel and weapons left behind by PanO forces, as well as a sturdy base of operations to house their support personnel. This will allow an army to keep a larger number of their elite forces in the field.

By spending experience an army can upgrade this asset by bringing maintenance machinery back online, repairing weapons and ammo, clearing out collapsed sections of the structure for use, or extracting fuel from the underground reserves. This will give an army increasing access to advanced weaponry and fuel to equip their elite soldiers.


Nestled deep within the borders of PanO territory, the people of Ravensbrucke never thought that their peaceful lives might be disturbed by war. As a precaution, the PanO Paradiso Control Force established a fuel and weapons depot here to be used by reserve forces in case of a major disaster, but the Combined attack came so swiftly they never had a chance to use it.
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SF3- PanOceania Ravensbrucke Armory and Depot

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