SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital


St. Augustine’s was once the largest civilian hospital and Cube archive in Ravensbrucke. As they invaded the Combined sent teams of Morat Engineers to loot and demolish the building. The Morat succeeded for the most part, but left one wing of the hospital standing.

By occupying the remaining wing of the hospital an army can take control of valuable medical equipment that they would not normally have access to on the front lines, as well as a secure base for soldiers to rest and recover between missions.

An army can spend experience to upgrade this asset by pulling more medical equipment from the wreckage, repairing the buildings back up generators, and gaining access to the building’s Cube archive. This will allow an army to speed the recovery of soldiers between fights, getting them back into the fight faster and in better condition.


As they invaded the Combined even attacked civilian medical resources like this hospital, ending hundreds of innocent lives and thousands of Cubes before they could evacuate. One needs only to look at the shattered statue of St. Augustine to realize the inhumanity of the enemy.
-Go Go Marlene

SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital

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