SF1- Secure Emergency Bunker


Using the technology and money that they are famous for, PanOceania has prepared for every possible natural disaster. Part of the disaster preparations included massive underground bunkers that could accommodate thousands of citizens during earthquakes, fires, meteor impacts, tornadoes or other disasters.

An army that has acquired this asset can move their troops into it to use as a secure base for them to rest, receive medical treatment, and train. This will allow an army to cycle their veteran troops back into the field faster, giving them better access to specialized troops.

An army can spend experience to upgrade this asset by improving food, medical, and mechanical services to let them move troops back into the field faster.


One of the many tragedies of the Paradiso conflict was that the mountains of wealth invested in protecting civilians was meaningless in the face of the aliens’ determined and merciless onslaught.
-Go Go Marlene

SF1- Secure Emergency Bunker

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