P2- MayaNet Broadcast Tower

Upgraded to Level 1 by Logan Clan


The primary MayaNet broadcast tower on Paradiso was left almost completely alone by the invading Combined. Attacking it was unnecessary after they disabled the primary MayaNet Portal. However, the tower is still connected to the rest of the planetary network, and controlling this tower allows an army to control the news and entertainment that makes its way to all the people in Ravensbrucke. A cunning leader can use this trick to convince his own men of the righteousness of their cause, while seeding doubts and spreading lies among the other armies in Ravensbrucke.

By spending experience an army can upgrade this asset by staffing it with soldiers to filter news and media access all day long. At higher levels of upgrade an army can even use the tower to broadcast their own propaganda and limit MayaNet access as they see fit.


Welcome to Go Go Paradiso, VizioRama’s number one news source for the war on Paradiso. As usual, we’re coming to you live from our studios in orbit around Paradiso, broadcasting straight to you through your local MayaNet Portal!
-Go Go Marlene

P2- MayaNet Broadcast Tower

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