P1- Cathedral of Saint Camillus


The famous Cathedral of Saint Camillus was the pride of the people of Ravensbrucke until the Combined invasion. For the Christian people of PanO, Ariadna, and the Nomad Nations this is holy ground, but for the other nations capturing this asset is proof of their righteousness. Convinced of their moral superiority, whatever force holds this asset will fight harder and with greater determination.

An army can spend experience to upgrade this asset by repairing the building, returning missing relics, and building defenses. Alternatively, armies that do not follow the Christian faith can prove their superiority by desecrating the building, plastering it with propaganda, or even converting the structure for their own purposes.


Looking on the shattered remains of the statue of Saint Camillus I can’t help but wonder what horror went through the minds of the fleeing people of Ravensbrucke…
-Go Go Marlene

P1- Cathedral of Saint Camillus

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