MR2- Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad

Emergency Services Helipad


Mobile Reserves Asset

The Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad is a base station that was once maintained by the city’s municipal authority. The installation was badly damaged, but there is still at least one functional UD-12 Chickenhawk here as well a large well of fuel. The Chickenhawks are not designed to be used in combat, but they can still get troops quickly from one place to another within the theater of operation to reinforce teams in the field.

By spending experience to upgrade this facility an army can repair more Chickenhawks, as well as expand there fuel reserves and range. As this asset is upgraded it will allow an army to quickly reinforce allies anywhere in the region faster and more often.


Even though the vehicles here were unarmed, the Combined shelled the installation to prevent civilian emergency responders from evacuating wounded and putting out fires. The destruction of this facility is another example of the Combined Army’s complete lack of mercy.
-Go Go Marlene

MR2- Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad

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