MR1- Central Subway Station

Upgraded to Level 1 by MagnaOrba


Mobile Reserve Asset

The Central Subway station in Ravensbrucke is completely abandoned, but it is easily defensible. More importantly, the numerous subway tunnels that radiate out from the station reach throughout the city, and even partially into the countryside. As long as an army holds this asset they can move reinforcements underground in relative safety.

To upgrade the station an army can spend experience to clear additional tunnels, install better security and traps, and ultimately bring vehicles down that can run along the rails. Each upgrade allows an army to move reinforcements faster, safer, and more reliably throughout the theater of operation.


The subways were used as a last ditch bunker by the citizens of Ravensbrucke. Angry graffiti adorns the walls, and the rooms and offices that made up the station have become tombs filled with the remains of hundreds of unlucky civilians.
-Go Go Marlene

MR1- Central Subway Station

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