L2- MayaNet Quantum Entanglement Portal

MayaNet Portal


Thanks to a miraculous quantum entanglement field, this building is able to communicate instantaneously with any other MayaNet facility anywhere else in the Universe. Control of this asset will not only allow an army to communicate with their faction leaders in any system instantly, it also allows them to control the flow of information from Paradiso back to the rest of the Human Sphere. Control of this asset will allow an army commander to convince his superiors to release their factions most terrifying allies and equipment.

By spending experience an army can upgrade this territory by using their communication to build contacts and share intelligence for favors. This allows a commander to quickly expand his influence and requisition better gear.


Whether they left it standing by mistake, or ignored it intentionally as part of their terror campaign, the only reason I am able to talk to all of you, my loyal audience, is thanks to this unassuming structure.
-Go Go Marlene

L2- MayaNet Quantum Entanglement Portal

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