L1- PanOceania Central Command

PanO Central Command


Logistics Asset

This was once the central Command Control and Communication outpost for PanO security forces in the Ravensbrucke region. A vast communication array allowed commanders to access vast amounts of data. The building was mostly destroyed by Combined Artillery, but there are still some systems here that work. Controlling this building will allow an army to securely communicate with their faction leaders, as well as coordinate their efforts to keep their most effective units at the forefront of the fighting.

By spending experience an army can upgrade this asset by repairing the building’s systems and bringing more equipment online. This will allow better and better communication and coordination, which will allow a commander to request better troops and equipment and deploy them more effectively where they are needed most.


There may be no better metaphor for the war on Paradiso than the PanOceanic Central Command structure in Ravensbrucke. This once mighty edifice dominated the city’s skyline, but now the building is a twisted and emasculated wreck, torn asunder by plasma artillery.
-Go Go Marlene

L1- PanOceania Central Command

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