ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport


In the days of modern astronautics it is rare to launch and land large craft from space. However, most modern militaries still use large landing craft to quickly return soldiers to orbit. From there orbital dropships can rapidly deploy soldiers to any part of a battlefield. This asset allows an army to do just that, carrying troops into orbit, and then dropping them again to any point where they are needed.

By spending experience an army can improve this asset by repairing the hangars and fuel refining machinery needed to make the operation possible. As the asset is upgraded an army will be able to use it more often, arriving ahead of their enemies to any battlefield.


In the early days of colonization on Paradiso the starport served a critical role, but with the construction of the Orbital Elevators and Orbital Catapults it fell into disuse. By the time the Combined invaded it had no tactical value, which probably explains why is was almost completely ignored by the invaders.
-Go Go Marlene

ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport

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