ID1- Orbital Catapult B11


Orbital Catapult B11 is all that remains of Ravensbrucke’s suborbital trade infrastructure. In areas where it is not cost effective to construct an Orbital Elevator, Orbital Catapults provide a cheap alternative. These buildings use a powerful magnetic induction system to launch a shuttle into low orbit, so that it only requires a small amount of fuel to achieve escape velocity.

This system allows small groups of soldiers to quickly and economically get into orbit, where they can be rapidly redeployed from an O-12 space station to almost any point anywhere on the planet.

An army can upgrade this asset by spending experience to invest extra fuel, power, and maintenance crews to the catapult. With a greater investment of resources this asset can be used to shuttle soldiers into orbit faster and more often.


ID1- Orbital Catapult B11

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