I3- Paradiso Control Force Early Warning Radar Station A6


PanOceania’s Paradiso Control Force maintains a tight network of radar stations around the major cities of Paradiso. However, these were some of the first targets struck by the invading Combined forces, and most of the facilities in Ravensbrucke were taken out. The only surviving station, A6, was badly damaged, but is still operational.

An army can use this facility to detect the movements of enemy vehicles, allowing them to predict the size and movements of enemy deployments.

An army can upgrade this asset be spending experience to repair the radar station, as well as increase the facility’s power output. As the radar station works better and has a higher output it will provide more accurate intelligence over a wider area.


As the first expansion phase of the Combined invasion started the aliens unleashed a terrifying assault against humanity’s communications and intelligence assets. Almost nothing remains of these structures anywhere within the first expansion zone.
-Go Go Marlene

I3- Paradiso Control Force Early Warning Radar Station A6

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