I2- Civilian Resistance Hidden Base


Small pockets of human survivors managed to escape the ferocity of the Combined invasion by stockpiling supplies and hiding in underground bunkers or subway tunnels. As they emerged from the aftermath of the attack a few of them decided to stay behind in Ravensbrucke to fight for their homes. They have set up a hidden base in a massive shielded vault in the basement of the Ravensbrucke central bank.

An army can gain access to this asset by making contact with the humans here and trading them supplies for their help. The people here are not very good fighters, but they are expert guides and survivalists who know the terrain of Ravensbrucke better than any of the warring factions.

Alien armies can access this asset as well. Combined armies can take control of this asset by sepsitorizing the human resistance fighters and turning them into an army of slaves. Tohaa can also control these humans, thanks to the Tohaa/Human alliance against the Combined, as well as the Tohaa’s ability to psychologically and genetically manipulate the humans.

An army can upgrade this asset by spending experience to supply the humans with better equipment and training, as well as building tighter bonds of trust with the people. This will give an army access to an increasingly useful network of spies and guides who will supply them with intelligence.


It may seem unbelievable at first, but not all of the people in Ravensbrucke were killed or sepsitored by the Combined. It is a sign of humanity’s will to survive and to fight against oppression that even here, in the middle of a warzone, there are still people willing to fight for their freedom.
-Go Go Marlene

I2- Civilian Resistance Hidden Base

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