I1- PanOceania Military Satellite Control Uplink


This facility was initially neutralized by a powerful EM attack by the first Combined invasion. The attack left the structure mostly intact, but burned out most of the electronics needed to control the fleet of stealth military satellites in orbit. Capturing this asset will give an army the ability to access one or two satellites, giving them a brief glimpse of enemy movements during the period that the satellites are overhead.

By investing experience to upgrade this asset an army can replace burned out electronics and damaged consoles, as well as train specialists to operate the equipment for longer periods of time. Each upgrade will give the army access to more satellites, giving them better and more up-to-date intelligence.


PanOceania’s Paradiso Control Force built facilities like this all over the planet claiming they were for “security” and “national defense”. However, the PanO security forces found themselves drowning in the their own armor as the Combined targeted these structures as their first priority.
-Go Go Marlene

I1- PanOceania Military Satellite Control Uplink

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