Tohaa Triumverate

Rank 0, 2 Victory Points


Most of humanity’s recent misfortunes can be laid at the feet of the Tohaa Triumverate. The financial collapse of the United States and Russia, the destruction of the Aurora colony ship, the isolation of the Ariadnan colony, and humanity’s first contact with the Combined Army are all direct results of actions taken by the Triumverate.

Now, this cruel and secretive organization within Tohaa society has begun the next phase of their plans to manipulate humanity. To make sure that no humans accidentally derail their plans for the future the Triumverate has dispatched an elite group of operatives to intercede in events on Paradiso. Led by Soovan Ganeel, this force features a wide variety of Tohaa troops. Most of the army’s heavy lifting is performed by their Ectros soldiers, but the backbone of the force is made up of Makaul warriors commanded by Hatail Henaal Coonel.

MR3- Ravensbrucke Municipal Airport- Level 0


After helping to secretly guide the Logan Clan towards building the alliance between Humanity and the Tohaa, the Triumverate is now racing to cover its tracks and make it appear that the Logan’s first contact with the Tohaa was an accident. Now that there are Tohaa operating openly on Paradiso the Triumverate does not nead to be as secretive, and they have dropped troops into Ravensbrucke. While they are trying to make it look like they are engaged in actions against the Combined, the Triumverate are actually destroying evidence of their manipulation and taking control of computer and communication systems within the city.

Tohaa Triumverate

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