Sgt. Malcolm Logan


MOV 4-4 / CC 13 / BS 13(3) / PH 11 / WIP 13(1) / ARM 1 / BTS -3 (1) / W 1

Multiterrain (Mountain and Jungle), Doctor
Hacking Device, Cube

AP Sniper Rifle
Rifle, Pistol, Knife

0 unspent experience


Sgt. Malcolm Logan is a patriot and freedom fighter, swept up by the fervor and charisma of the Caledonian Hero Lt. Robert Logan. He entered into the Caledonian Liberation Front in his late teens, but quickly rose from the ranks of the general enlisted as he displayed his knack with technology and his natural talents as a leader. Seeing the potential, the Logan Clan sponsored Malcolm’s training as both a battlefield hacker and combat medic. Alongside this impressive array of talents, Malcolm displayed a sharp eye and steady shot, making him a natural choice for leading a squad of Caledonian Volunteers.

Sgt. Malcolm continues to hone his combat skills on the planet of Paradiso, knowing that as the Logan Clan continues its struggle, his countrymen on Ariadna will continue their own struggle for independence and freedom. Though in the shadows of his commander and mentor, Lt. Robert Logan, it is rumored that the Lieutenant is grooming Malcolm for a bigger leadership role in the Clan.

For now he gives his all to the cause, and will make the imperialist oppressors of his people pay a great price in blood on the planet of Paradiso. All the while, his exploits inspire the Caledonians back home, and more than one bonny lass dreams of having this man as her beau.

Sgt. Malcolm Logan

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