MagnaOrba Corporation

Rank 2, 50 Victory Points


MagnaOrba’s Paradiso security team is lead by Hakim al Zuabi, a former corsair in the employ of the Qapu Khalqi. As a seasoned warrior who has changed allegiance many times, Hakim has finally found a home among the equally duplicitous executives of MagnaOrba. Hakim’s new crew is composed of a wide variety of professional soldiers, primarily Druze mercenaries and Kaplan Tactical operatives. Hakim’s team includes Keela Shakar, an assassin who has worked for MagnaOrba for years.

MR1- Central Subway Station- Level 2
L1- PanO Central Command- Level 2
ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport- Level 2


The MagnaOrba corporation found its origins among the mining and energy corporations of India in the mid-21st century. Over time the predecessor corporations that now make up MagnaOrba consolidated with each other. When PanOceania was formed MagnaOrba bought out all of their competition and became the biggest and most powerful mining company in the Human Sphere.

MagnaOrba has adopted many questionable practices since their rise to dominance. The Corporation has very close ties to the Druze Crime Syndicate and Haqqislam corsairs. During the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts MagnaOrba used these contacts to murder and intimidate Caledonian citizens to force them to relocate. Despite years of court battles with Ariadna, MagnaOrba still uses these practices to guarantee financial success.

Evidence of these practices were left behind during the evacuation of Ravensbrucke, and now MagnaOrba has hired a full company of mercenaries to go behind Combined lines on Paradiso to bury their secrets.

MagnaOrba Corporation

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