Keela Shakar


MOV 4-4 / CC 14 / BS 12 / PH 11(1) / WIP 14(1) / ARM 4(3) / BTS -3 / W 2(1)

Motorcycle (Mov 8-6), Hacking Device, AutoMediKit

Boarding Shotgun, Pistol, Knife


Keela is an intelligence operative and assassin who works as a freelance agent for the MagnaOrba corporation. As a gun for hire she has killed numerous times for MagnaOrba, particularly during the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts.

Keela has been sent along with the Qapu Khalqi mercenaries to destroy evidence that was left behind by MagnaOrba in Ravensbrucke, as well as find and steal critical pieces of intelligence that MagnaOrba suspects are buried in the ruins.

Keela Shakar

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