Go Go Marlene

Intrepid VisioRama Reporter


Go Go Marlene and her many cohorts are roving war correspondents on Paradiso, and produce the most cutting edge news program on VisioRama: Go Go Paradiso. Marlene and her disciples are driven, ambitious, and talented, and will walk willingly into any situation without fear for their lives.

Anything to get the story.


Go Go Marlene started her career as an ambitious young actress. She learned from an early age to use her beauty and sexuality to her advantage, but her main asset is her intelligence. After being taken advantage of by older and more powerful men, she learned to take power whenever and wherever she could. Marlene will never let her naivety make her a victim again.

After a few short years Marlene rose to become the most popular roving reporter on VisioRama, and now has her own program called Go Go Paradiso.

Go Go Marlene

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