Cazador de Amanecer

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The Cazador de Amanecer, or Dawn Hunters, are a mercenary company loosely affiliated with the PraxiTec corporation from the Bakunin Nomad ship, but they are primarily an independent crew made up of Nomads from every mothership. Most of the group’s membership is made up of and it’s leaders come from Corregidor. The armies backbone is made up a large number of Alguacils, but the sharp edge of the sword is made up of Intruders, TomCats, and HellCats. When the team needs to unleash some serious destruction they also have an old Tunguskan Szalamander they can bring to the fight.

The Cazador de Amanecer has also hired Jonah Woodson, an Authorized Bounty Hunter from Corregidor to help them hunt their targets.

ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport- Level 0


The founding members of Cazador de Amanecer were once security officers for PraxiTec during the NeoColonial wars. At the direction of PraxiTec they travelled to warzones throughout the Human Sphere to test new weapon designs, sell equipment to other armies, and escort Nomad trade delegations. Near the end of the wars the team was assigned a semi-permanent post on Dawn, where the leaders of the team helped to establish a large trade post just outside of the Caledonian borders. After building close diplomatic relations with the local Ariadnans the trading post actually began to grow into a large and bustling town.

All of this came to an end when someone smuggled a small antimatter device into the town and detonated it, destroying the entire area and killing all of the inhabitants. The survivors of the PraxiTec security team formed an independent company called Pheonix Incorporated, dedicated to avenging the destruction of the town.

Now, many years later, the leadership of Pheonix Incorporated still has not been able to prove who was responsible for the detonation. From the evidence they have been able to collect they have determined that the culprit was either Haqqislamic mercenaries working for the MagnaOrba mining corporation or members of the Logan Clan who were working for AriaDNA at the time.

After discovering that the MagnaOrba offices in Ravensbrucke might contain evidence of the attack, the surviving leaders rushed to Paradiso. When they arrived there they were surprised to see the public address by Robert Logan to the members of O-12, and realized the entire Logan Clan was currently on Paradiso as well. The leaders of Pheonix Incorporated called in every contact and favor they had, summoning a small army of Mercenaries from Corregidor to join them. They reformed into the new Cazador de Amanecer company expressly to hunt and kill members of the Logan Clan while looking for data to steal from abandoned MagnaOrba facilities.

Cazador de Amanecer

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