Infinity Season 4- Ravensbrucke


An Armada Storm strikes Ravensbrucke!

The Koduku Clan established an HQ near L3!

MagnaOrba Corporation achieved a Major Victory over the Tohaa Triumverate.
The Logan Clan achieved Major Victory over the 7th Ariadnan Expeditionary Force.
MagnaOrba Corporation fought the 7th Ariadnan Expeditionary Force to a draw.
The Hydra Operations Group achieved a major victory over the Logan Clan.

Ivan Mannerheim gained 1 experience point.
Keela Shakar gained 1 experience point.
Malcolm Logan gained 2 experience points.
Persephone gained 6 experience points.

Spec-Ops Hatail Henaal Coonel was killed in action!

The Commander of the MagnaOrba Corporation Mercenaries was promoted to Rank 2.


VexingCarcass VexingCarcass

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